Yep, we have a team

Meet the Team


We are now crowdfunding our tournaments through Matcherino! Matcherino allows people to donate money towards our tournament prize pools, this means that we can provide larger prize pools while still keeping our tournaments free. Our first tournament that we are hosting on Matcherino is our end of season Grand Final…


The Ghostboosters Community is pleased to announce that we will soon be moving into a multi-week tournament format. Each week teams/players will earn points that go towards them being invited to a grand final tournament in which they will compete for a grand prize pool. This move allows us to…

We Have a Website!

Welcome to Ghostboosters new website! We've created this website to have an easy way for people to find out about us and our tournaments. As always, we will still post information in our discord, but this will be another location for all of our news and tournament info.